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Suzhou Kareman New Materials Co.,LTD (KAREMAN), Located in Shazhou Lake Technology Park, Zhangjiagang City, Jiangsu Province. KAREMAN is a young but rich in innovative material enterprises. The company is committed to Ultraviolet absorption material (UV) and Organic Electro-luminescence materials(OLED), Photo Cure materials, Storage Memory Dyes, Pharmaceutical intermediates and Photo Cure materials research, development, manufacture & trade.

KAREMAN has its own R&D center and tolling or OEM Plant, with a technical team of Ph.D.’s and masters, experienced in Organic Electro-luminescence materials. There are 10 various cascading reactors with a total capacity of 5,000L ranging from 10L to 100L. The processing temperature can range from low temperature of less than -100℃ to high temperature of more than 300℃.

" JUST FOR COLORFUL LIFE ", based on strong scientific, Kareman is willing to work with you to make new materials benefit human life.

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