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Author Carole Giangrande hosts WORDS TO GO, a showcase for new writers and the spoken word, now heard in fourteen countries around the world. If you're a listener who'd love a few quiet moments with a story well told, or if you'd like to catch up with the best in new poetry, join us at WORDS TO GO. Writers' guidelines are at www.carolegiangrande.com/podcasts.

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Join WORDS TO GO as we push the boundaries of good taste right into the stratosphere of excellent literary choice. Time for a frisky frolic through erotic fantasy in North America's biggest shopping mall with a delightful prize-winning story by Darlene Barry Quaife. Dear listener, do you belong to the 99 percent? Are you occupying a park somewhere without the comfort of a good read? Carole goes online to find out what the lucky folks at Occupy Wall Street are borrowing from their onsite lending library. Whether you're occupying a patch of ground or hunched over your keyboard, we love reading your published work. Check out guidelines at carolegiangrande.com/podcasts. 

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Summer's still with us at WORDS TO GO — join us as Carole reads a subtle story by Patricia Schultheis that's not quite as amusing as it first appears. A couple's anxious domestic banter unloads a range of emotions around the story's absent central character — their son, Peter, who springs to life in telling details. And in memory of the tenth anniversary of 9/11, Carole reads a moving poem by Deborah DeNicola which re-imagines that calamity by running it in reverse. Whether it's prose or poetry, we're always looking for your published work, so visit www.carolegiangrande.com/podcasts for guidelines.

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This week, WORDS TO GO tries out a new format — all writers, all the time! (So where are Carole's book reviews? You'll find them on The Thoughtful Blogger: www.carolesbooktalk.wordpress.com). This week, we're featuring the irrepressible Steve Pitt as he shares adventures - real and imagined - with his teenage son and omnipresent family pooch. Plus short fiction from Sara Cassidy who explores both a young woman's loss of a beloved horse, and a new relationship that's just as gentle. Go to our Facebook page and let us know what you think of the new format. For submission guidelines, visit www.carolegiangrande.com.

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Join Carole in a feisty post-vacation mood as she considers converting some of her red-hot summer reading picks into wood pulp and pencil shavings. But we digress. On the plus side, Carole features the exquisite poetry of Claudia Coutu-Radmore who writes from the point of view of her ancestors in New France. Hang in for a review of two first-rate debut novellas, both studies of two very different types of man. Carole loves reading your published fiction, poetry and essays on air. Find us on Facebook at WORDS TO GO or visit carolegiangrande.com. 

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On a lovely spring day, join us as the clouds gather over WORDS TO GO and Carole checks out fictional murder and gothic goings-on (not to mention grim tales of the book biz). Carole reads from Linda Hutsell-Manning's debut novel, That Summer in Franklin, and there's cheery news about how bad sales stats can wreck a writer's career. Not enough of the heavy stuff?? Carole's summer-cottage reading includes two dark, knockout novels by the late Flannery O'Connor. We're always cheery when we read your published work. Check out www.carolegiangrande.com and the WORDS TO GO PODCAST Facebook page.

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It's a beautiful day, so why not join Carole for a good-natured rant over all the nutty online distractions that get in the way of the "three R's:" writing, reading and real life! Yeah! In a more temperate mood, Carole reads Eva Tihanyi's beautiful long poem "The End of Something" and reviews a forgotten classic, The Train Was On Time by the German novelist Heinrich Boll. Whether it's poetry fiction or essays, we love reading your published work. If you like what you're hearing, post on our Facebook page at WORDS TO GO PODCAST.

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Welcome to our podcast, where Carole's stories run the gamut from New York's beautiful Poets' House to the "yuck" factor in a little kid's backpack, courtesy of humourist Joanne Carnegie. And there's more. Think the Middle East is full of humourless folks who never have fun? Chuck that stereotype and rock on with Alaa Al Aswany's classic Egyptian novel, The Yacoubian Building. We love reading and promoting your published work, so send us your stories, poems and essays. Check for guidelines at carolegiangrande.com and follow WORDS TO TO PODCAST on Facebook. 

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It's spring and time for a fresh new garden of literary goodies on WORDS TO GO.  Carole tries out an e-reader for the first time (but doesn't take it to the check-out), then reads Ann McArdle's first work of fiction called "Tomorrow." And she reviews a brand-new novel — Farzana Doctor's  Six Metres of Pavement, with pages that turn by themselves. We love reading your published stories and poetry. For submission guidelines, go to www.carolegiangrande.com. Follow us on Facebook at WORDSTOGOPODCAST.

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WORDS TO GO visits the Middle East as Carole takes a look at some haunting Arabic fiction. Listen to a short story from Libya's Mohammad Al-Asfar, from the global literary website, Words Without Borders. Also, a review of a classic novella, Men In The Sun, by the Palestinian writer Ghassan Kanafani. On the lighter side, what's TV and rock'n roll got to do with the forty days of Christian Lent? Sit back and listen as our host connects the weirdest dots. Check out our Facebook page and send us your published stories, poems and book picks — we love to hear from you.

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February blahs got you down? It's a sunny day in our WORDS TO GO studio, where Carole encounters a toddler with a tiny tablet computer, and then reviews a true tale of a beer-drinking, artillery-toting soldier-bear. Then sit back and listen as she reads you a beautiful story from award-winning author Marsha Lee Berkman. We always enjoy hearing from you, and you can post comments on our Facebook page. Our listeners span the globe, so if you write in English, we'd love to read your published stories and poetry. And Carole's now posting her book reviews to her blog at carolesbooktalk.wordpress.com.

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New year, new words — Carole's back with some winter treats, so curl up in front of the fire and listen up. This week, a reading from Bruce Meyer's memoir of a life devoted to the love of words and language. Also, a review of To The End Of The Land, David Grossman's epic novel of a long walk through Israel, and the woman hiker who tells stories to keep her soldier-son alive. We love hearing from writers! Send us your published prose and poetry. Check out our guidelines at www.carolegiangrande.com. Our Facebook page is WORDS TO GO PODCAST.

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