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Author Carole Giangrande hosts WORDS TO GO, a showcase for new writers and the spoken word, now heard in fourteen countries around the world. If you're a listener who'd love a few quiet moments with a story well told, or if you'd like to catch up with the best in new poetry, join us at WORDS TO GO. Writers' guidelines are at www.carolegiangrande.com/podcasts.

The Podcasts

WORDS TO GO visits the Middle East as Carole takes a look at some haunting Arabic fiction. Listen to a short story from Libya's Mohammad Al-Asfar, from the global literary website, Words Without Borders. Also, a review of a classic novella, Men In The Sun, by the Palestinian writer Ghassan Kanafani. On the lighter side, what's TV and rock'n roll got to do with the forty days of Christian Lent? Sit back and listen as our host connects the weirdest dots. Check out our Facebook page and send us your published stories, poems and book picks — we love to hear from you.

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