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Author Carole Giangrande hosts WORDS TO GO, a showcase for new writers and the spoken word, now heard in fourteen countries around the world. If you're a listener who'd love a few quiet moments with a story well told, or if you'd like to catch up with the best in new poetry, join us at WORDS TO GO. Writers' guidelines are at www.carolegiangrande.com/podcasts.

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Join us this week for some good news on WORDS TO GO — a new study proves you're never too old to publish...and for short story writers, there's a new online publisher just for you. We'll hear poetry from Paul Tyler's outstanding first collection A Short History of Forgetting, and a review of Ava Homa's Echoes From The Other Land, stories set in her native Iran. We love to hear from you! Follow us on Facebook and tell us your book-picks. To submit published fiction, creative nonfiction or poetry, check out our guidelines at www.carolegiangrande.com.

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Any number can play: on WORDS TO GO, Carole talks up micro-mini online literary mags, where you, the writer, get to play editor and publisher — for free! Also tune in for a story by award-winning west-coast writer ASPenne. Do you remember the name of the co-winner of the 2010 Ken Klonsky Novella Contest? Carole's one-half of the duo — but this time around, she reviews the brand-new work of fellow Klonskyite Reinhard Filter. His novella's called Retina Green, and it's a winner. Carole loves reading your published stories and poems out loud. For guidelines, check out our Facebook page at WORDS TO GO PODCAST, or visit Carole's website at www.carolegiangrande.com.

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Let's celebrate! In honour of WORDS TO GO's first birthday, Carole offers a lineup of fantastic  "firsts" -- a story from Ava Homa's debut collection of powerful fiction set in Iran, and a first novel from TV and film director Paul Almond that makes Canadian history rock! Plus a singing chorus of birthday-party crashers, edible technology from the Internet Bakery and a big welcome to our newest listeners in China, Pakistan, India and points beyond! Send us your published prose and poetry -- check out guidelines at www.carolegiangrande.com. Comments or feedback? Visit our Facebook page at WORDS TO GO PODCAST. 

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Welcome to another podcast of WORDS TO GO, in which Carole crosses the finish line after an invigorating marathon of four public readings. Thanks to the organizers and readers who made them happen! For poetry lovers, Carole reads from Elisabeth Harvor's latest collection, plus a review of a non-fiction book which documents the fascinating story of what may have been North America's largest sixties commune. Full disclosure: Carole was part of that scene. Be part of our scene and submit your book picks and your published work. Visit Carole's website at www.carolegiangrande.com or our Facebook page at WORDS TO GO PODCAST.

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Welcome to our podcast of WORDS TO GO, in which Carole offers a few literary laughs to lighten up a season chock full of weird book news. Better duck: US President Obama dodges a flying paperback while ex-president Bush gets set to launch an e-book. Laugh out loud with the writing of humorist Steve Pitt, and enjoy our book recommendation -- an eloquent short work by Mary Swan. We'd love to hear from you, so send us your published work and your book picks. You can find us on Facebook or visit Carole's website at www.carolegiangrande.com.

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Welcome to our brand-new Fall season of WORDS TO GO, as Carole asks the question: Why write fiction, anyway? Don't worry -- there's plenty of new fiction (and poetry and humour!) in store, so stay tuned, dear listener. This episode features short fiction by Lola Lemire Tostevin plus capsule reviews of three knock'em-dead classic novellas plus info on how to submit your published work and your favourite book picks. If you'd like to come to one of Carole's readings, go to www.carolegiangrande.com for more info, and click on "Carole's Booktalk."

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Welcome to our September edition of WORDS TO GO. Summer's on the wane, but while the great weather keeps on coming, Carole has a few literary festivals to tell you about. Come and meet her on September 18th as she reads at the Words Alive LitFest, just north of Toronto. Want to publicize a literary event in your part of the world? Go to our Facebook Page and post your info. Also on today's show, Carole tunes out on trendy fiction in favour of the real thing -- Mary Borsky's "Eclipse," a beautifully crafted story set in rural Alberta. Send us your book picks and your published prose and poetry. Guidelines are at www.carolegiangrande.com. 

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Welcome to another summer edition of WORDS TO GO. Whether you're sitting on the dock or sunning or on the beach, we hope you're enjoying a good book or two...or maybe writing one! It's a slow time for book news and new reads, so this time around, Carole features two very different (and older) novels, both set during World War Two. She reads from her own book, An Ordinary Star and then reviews the haunting and powerful work Every Man Dies Alone by German writer Hans Fallada. What are you reading this summer? Send us your published work -- we welcome poetry, too. For guidelines, go to www.carolegiangrande.com.

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Carole's cooling her heels in her air-conditioned studio for the July edition of the show, but not before she turns up the heat on sub-literate book reviewers in print and online. If you dare, check out her handy five-point guide to writing a decent review! Something new on today's podcast -- poetry. Carole reads from What I Would Not Unravel, a first collection of poems by Karen Lee Lewis, and for more good reads, she offers two entertaining novellas. Relax and enjoy! To submit your published fiction, check out Carole's website at www.carolegiangrande.com. Also at the website: read Carole's Booktalk.

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Carole's in lazy pre-summer mode as she reads another excerpt from her new novella A Gardener On The Moon, published by Quattro Books. Thanks to all of you who came to the book launch and made it such a success. Looking for great summer reading? Stay tuned as Carole nominates her pick for one of the most outstanding Canadian novels in years. Your host will be working summer hours so WORDS TO GO will be coming to you once a month until September. We like promoting new writers! Send us your published stories, book picks or books you've written and would like reviewed. We'll reprint reviews on Carole's new blog, Carole's Booktalk. You'll find the blog plus submission guidelines on Carole's website at www.carolegiangrande.com.

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As you're listening to this podcast, Carole's up in the sky, homeward bound from three-plus weeks of adventure, fine art and exquisite Italian food...but she's left behind the virtual book-launch edition of WORDS TO GO - giving you, dear listener, the first sneak-preview of her award-winning novella, A Gardener On The Moon. Sit back, relax and listen. If you're in the Toronto area, come and meet Carole at the Quattro Books Spring Launch on May 26th at 6 pm at The Supermarket Cafe, 268 Augusta Avenue. Visit WORDS TO GO PODCAST on Facebook for more details. 

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Carole's taking off! Now that the plume from that Icelandic volcano has blown away, she's about to leave for Italy for a couple of weeks of la dolce vita...but before she takes a vacation -- hands up, all of you who've ever had a crush on a rock star! Lucretia Smith's fun story of teenage infatuation flies sky-high into never-never-land. This week's great read is a Irene Guilford's novel The Embrace, which exlores the life of a Lithuanian family split apart by politics and war. Next podcast: May 20th, when Carole reads from her new novella, A Gardener On The Moon. Toronto-area listeners, you're invited to the book launch -- listen up for details and check the WORDS TO GO PODCAST fan page on Facebook for more info.

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Spring's here with a Gaelic flavour on WORDS TO GO, as Carole reads "Carving The Air" by Sara Cassidy, a story set in the Scottish highlands. And if you haven't yet caught up with the fantastic Irish writer Claire Keegan, stay tuned for an intro to her most recent collection of short stories, Walk The Blue Fields. Spring also brings grateful thoughts, new books and a chance for Carole to share her stockpile of anecdotes on gracious and grumpy writers and readers she's known. Why not share your stories and book picks with us? Follow us on Facebook at WORDS TO GO PODCAST and visit Carole's website at www.carolegiangrande.com.  

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If you're hooked on books and tired of squeezing your literary opinions into a tiny little Facebook box, join Carole as she ponders those Little Red Notebooks, unleashed by the library all over Toronto, so you can pen your faves on real paper -- that's right, and with a real pen. Today's featured story, "Body and Soul," is from Eva Tihanyi's first collection, Truth And Other Fictions, and it takes us through an extraordinary day in the lives of two great twentieth-century women: the anthropologist Mary Leakey and the blues singer Billie Holiday. For lovers of flash-fiction and very short-shorts, listen up for a winning book by the form's virtuoso, Lydia Davis. Visit Carole's website at carolegiangrande.com and follow us on Facebook at Words To Go Podcast.

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Join us for a free-for-all as Carole loses her customary cool and blasts away at literary shoplifters, memoir fakes and artsy excuses for stealing work. Rising well above this silliness is our featured reading, an essay in creative non-fiction by Jill Christman (www.jillchristman.com), in which she shares a tender remembrance of a dead dog. Given our concern with fiction and fraud, it's really just a coincidence that the title of our feature review is Truth And Other Fictions, a fine first collection of short stories by Eva Tihanyi. If you've written or read a book you'd like to see reviewed, post it on our Facebook page (WORDS TO GO PODCAST) or go to Carole's website at www.carolegiangrande.com. 

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This week, Carole gets inspired by Olympic spectacle and finds common ground (snow, maybe?) between bold ski-jumpers, elegant ice-dancers and creative writers on a roll. Also on our menu: "Downward Drifting," a short story by Patricia Schultheis which threads seven decades of history through the fabric of a woman's life -- in four pages. Two great British books (old and new, comic and tragic) round out our menu. We're looking forward to showcasing and reviewing books by up-and-coming authors. Send your suggestions to cgian@rogers.com or post them on our Facebook page (Words To Go Podcast). And visit Carole's website at www.carolegiangrande.com. 

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Join us for a menu of literary take-out treats: Rebecca Rosenblum's short story "Do" leads us down the aisle through the frivolous and poignant moments of a wedding. Carole reflects on writers' work: computers as crystal balls, and abandoned manuscripts that come back to life. Not strange enough? Try two not-to-be-missed classic novels featuring giant mammals, each one speaking to our environmental crisis — the novels, not the critters. In Herman Melville's Moby-Dick, the whale gets the last word, while Marian Engel's Bear helps a woman uncover her connection with the natural world. Visit our WORDS TO GO PODCAST Fan Page on Facebook, and check out Carole's website — www.carolegiangrande.com.

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This week, Carole reads a wonderful short story by Bret Anthony Johnston called "Caiman." For those of you who live in colder climes, a caiman is a type of alligator found in Texas. He's a cold-blooded critter, but this story is anything but. On the subject of warmheartedness, the passing of much-loved Canadian writer Paul Quarrington prompts some reflections on a milestone birthday and the writing life. Some great books this week, dealing with curried sausage and prodigal sons (but not in the same novel). Send us your book picks; it's easy. Email Carole at cgian@carolegiangrande.com. Go to her website at www.carolegiangrande.com for story submission guidelines and a link to the WORDS TO GO Fan Page on Facebook.

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Carole's back at last with more good writing, great reads and the remains of a holiday cold. Still she rises above olfactory congestion to inquire about e-readers and the rich scent of old library books. This week's featured writer is Erika Rummel, author of eighteen nonfiction books and some short stories. Carole reads from her first novel, "Playing Naomi," a fascinating, page-turning tale about identities, real, imagined or re-invented. Some great reads from listeners, too - both modern history and historical fiction. Words To Go will now be heard bi-weekly, to give Carole a chance to do some writing of her own. Send in your published writing and favorite reads -- visit our Facebook page!

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